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Update! Pot, not bath salts created the “Miami Zombie”

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According to drug tests, marijuana, not bath salts was used by the now late Rudy Eugene, 31,  in a zombie-like cannibal attack on a homeless man, 65-year old Ronald Poppo.

According to (CNN) — The naked Florida man who chewed off the face of another man last month in a zombie-like cannibal attack used marijuana but not “bath salts” as police had suspected, authorities said Wednesday. (more…)


Bath salts strike again and again…

Robert William White yells at onlookers as police drag him from the scene of the alleged crime.
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Police say they had to use rubber bullets and a Taser to take down Robert William White, who had allegedly attacked a neighbor an hour before in a fit of rage caused by synthetic drugs. (more…)

Vogue! Kindergarten Style (Video)

Happy Friday! Be prepared for tons of smiles and giggles as you watch Mr. Avina’s class “vogue” to the Material Girl’s (Madonna) 1990 video. (more…)

The Gay: “…the symbol for what is wrong with the country.”

English: Presidential candidate Mitt Romney ta...

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The Romney campaign has decided to stand silently aside as members of super and even not so super PACS have decided to attack members of the LGBT community as somehow posing a threat to America and to our moral character. Right-wing bloggers, pundits at Fox News and, saddest of all, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church have vilified gays, lesbians and bisexuals. In the spring, these attacks were a part of the undercurrent of the Republican rhetoric.

The theme was seemingly always present from sometimes snide comments about gays in the military to more pronounced statements at church suppers where gays became the symbol for what was wrong with the country.


Allegedly, bath salts strikes again. Charles Baker, Florida’s newest zombie–Really? (VIDEO)

The latest Florida Zombie, Charles Baker. Bath Salts suspected.
(Photo Credit: Tampa Bay)

On June 21, 2012, Charles Baker, 25, in Palmetto, Florida, allegedly bit a chuck out of Jeffrey Blake’s, 48, left biceps while visiting his ex-girlfriend’s house. Apparently, shortly after Blake let Baker into the house, Baker lost control of himself, screaming, clenching fists, stripping naked, and biting Baker’s arm. (more…)

The Last Bastion: Religious Exclusion and the Invisible Minority

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It’s no surprise that our political polarization should break along religious lines, with Fundamentalist Christians, Jews, and Muslims and many Catholics gathering right, while more open-minded faith communities lean left. This is not new. Throughout history, hard times have brought out extremists of all kinds, with one side attributing our troubles to the “wrath of God” and the other disparaging those who oppose progress as Luddites and haters. Yet just because it’s so doesn’t mean it’s right. From both a religious and psychological perspective, this relentless battering takes its toll on our personal beliefs as well as our social values and mandates.

It is unhealthy, unproductive, and—okay, I’ll say it—unacceptable.


Hypnosis “Jedi” style!

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn (right) and Padawan O...

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Star Wars, the Jedi were able to influence and control the minds of others by making use of the mysterious “Jedi mind trick.” What if you could move people in any direction using only the power of your words? What if this power was real? What if others knew about and used this power to manipulate the decisions you and the rest of mankind make every day? It sounds far too futuristic to be possible. However, that technology may be more real than you think. (more…)

More Dads Staying at Home than Ever!

BabyCenter just released data about stay-at-home dads and their increased “job” satisfaction. According to BabyCenter’s research:

  1. 2 million dads are the primary caregivers;
  2. 61% of dads surveyed said that raising their kids is the best job they could ever have;
  3. 71% report being closer than ever to their spouse; and,
  4. 32% enjoy their stay-at-home lifestyle enough to consider maintaining it indefinitely.


(Video) Fifth Grader, Kameron Slade, Prohibited From Giving Gay Marriage Speech At School

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Kameron Slade, a New York  City-based fifth grader, was initially prohibited from giving a pro-gay marriage speech in a schoolwide competition from the school’s principal who deemed the speech inappropriate. But, according to the most recent update from The Huffington Post  (June 15, 2012), Kameron Slade will be allowed to the speech. Here’s an excerpt from Slade’s speech: (more…)

Household chores leads to psychological distress, study suggests.

Inequality of household chores leads to psychological distress.
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A new study discovers that when women are responsible for a majority of the household chores, they often perceive socioeconomic and gender inequality in the relationship with their partner which can lead to psychological distress. (more…)