2009 Saint Leo University Graduate, Lauren Pelkey has been iNKED!

My whole experience at Saint Leo University was excellent!

SLU’s smaller class sizes and direct support from professors allowed me to discover a love for research and analytical thinking. All of our APA papers we had, helped me out more than I could have ever imagined when I got to grad school.

During the Summer of ’08, I attended Dr. Patrick Draves (RIP) free GRE classes that helped teach awesome test taking shortcuts. Due to his tips and tricks for the mathematical nonsense I was able to get a high enough score that would allow me to get into my grad program. Dr. Draves also had the best life advice; he helped me understand and rationalize the rollercoaster of dating and breakups.

Dr. Tammy Zacchilli has also been amazing as I transition from student to professional; very supportive and willing to write recommendations for several jobs I had applied to. She also made statistics enjoyable versus just bearable. Dr. Chris Cronin introduced Albert Ellis therapy in the most effective way- making us watch old videos of his sessions. Dr. Kevin Kieffer gave me my first rejection letter (which I still have). He demanded that I put on my big girl pants and  made me work for an internship placement.

Commuters often miss out on all of the social aspects that undergrad can offer; as a commuter I can honestly say that the only social aspect I missed out on was the apartment parties–which my GPA thanked me for that.

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Lauren Pelkey obtained a BA in psychology at Saint Leo University, MS in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling at Florida State University, and currently works for the Tallahassee Developmental Center. 


If you or know someone currently enrolled or alumni of Saint Leo University who has a positive story to share, please email Dr. Shannon Farris at shannon.farris@saintleo.edu. 

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  1. Lorinda Eldredge

    Congratulations to Lauren Pelky for her great profile! I was a classmate of hers. I graduated in 2008 with a psych degree, and attained a MS degree in addiction counseling. I had all the great professors Lauren had, and will never forget Dr. Draves, who was more than a professor and advisor; he was a friend. At 73 years old, I am pursuing my PhD in psychology.

  2. Thank you Ma’am, and i think you should most definitely submit your story to Dr. Farris!

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