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Auditory Hallucinations: A Demonstration

Ever wonder what’s it’s like to be schizophrenic?  Well thanks to Australian YouTuber Hellojarrad,  you can experiencing the Auditory Hallucinations that are often experienced by schizophrenic individuals.

This haunting and eye-opening audio clip that might provide a better understanding of what it’s like to live as someone diagnosed with schizophrenia.




The Power of Giving

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Dr. Zacchilli’s Close relationship class (PSY 343) conducted a clothing drive the week before Thanksgiving, and donated it to the Solutions Thrift store. Here are some pictures.

tCOACH Session Reminder

tCOACH Session 

Travis Rathbone:

11/28 11AM – 12PM ET

11/29 7PM – 8PM ET  

The following link will allow you to log into the session at the scheduled time: tCOACH “We’re here to help!”

We look forward to seeing you in a tCOACH session ~ Anella & Travis!!

Photo Credit: Joseph A. Cubria

“Online Education Programs Tackle Student Cheating”


“According to Babson Survey Research Group’s last survey of online education programs at colleges and universities, 6.1 million students took at least one online class in fall 2010—a 10.1 percent increase over the previous year. But as the number of students in online courses increases, so too does the potential for cheating.

In online education, it’s easy for students to “collaborate” on tests in ways that wouldn’t be possible in the classroom… ” (more…)


Picture: Dishonesty

The End is Near…


 “You know it’s coming…”

 “At most U.S. colleges and universities, the fall semester winds down by uncomfortably sandwiching a week or two of classes plus final exams in between Thanksgiving and the start of the winter break. Not only do most instructors have final projects, papers, and tests to grade before giving and grading final exams, but the end of the semester also creates deadlines for administrative reports, committee projects, and student theses…” (more…)


Picture: Semester

“Cute Kid Note Of The Day: What Autism Is”

“At HuffPost Parents, we receive dozens of cute kid notes each week. They range from funny (intentionally or not) to sweet and even a little scary.” (more…)

“25 Things I’ve Learned From Being A Dad”


1.Fatherly love is complete in a way that nothing else is. I can be strict when I need to be, but each of my children knows that our bond is unconditional. There is nothing they could do to make me stop loving them.

2. I always thought fatherhood was something that you learned. I actually think now, having raised three children, it’s something that we as men already know. It’s the external judgment about how to do it that we have to un-learn.

3. Even as babies, boys are obsessed with their penises. That being said, you have to pay attention during diaper changes or you’ll get shot in the eye.

4. Kids look to you to know how to respond to stress. If they fall down and you stay calm, they stay calm. If you freak, they freak.

5. The feeling of your child falling off to sleep in your arms is as close to heaven as I have been on this earth. (more…)


Picture: Dad

Free and Compulsory Education in Pakistan

Yesterday the Pakistani national assembly unanimously passed “The Right to Free and Compulsory Education Bill”. The bill provides for free and compulsory education to all children, regardless of gender, of the age of five to sixteen years and even requires private  educational institutions to meet a specific quota of poor children admitted or face a fine up to Rs50,000 or six months imprisonment.


Research and Psychology Club event tonight at 5pm in Lewis 206!

Food Drive

 Psi Chi is collecting canned goods for Thanksgiving, to help the less fortunate.  Some examples of goods:

  • Rice

  • Mac and Cheese

  • Canned Ham

  • Spam

Please bring what you can, by Wednesday, November 14th,  to the Work Study office Saint Edwards room 214

Picture: Food

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