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2013 L.E.D Series with Drs. Farris & Zacchilli Feb. 4, 7pm ET

Dr. F and Dr. Z

Faculty from the School of Arts and Sciences will present the school’s L.E.D. (Learning Enlightenment Discoveries) Monday February 4th @ 7:00 PM: Healthy body, Happy mind with Drs. Tammy Zacchilli and Shannon Farris on bullying “Cyber bullying: I’m not the bully! You’re the bully!” Live Link HERE!

Here is the link to the live stream of the event:



Psi Chi Meeting 2/4

psi chi  Psi Chi meeting on Monday 2/4 @ 6:00 PM in the SAB room # 117!! See you There!!  


Picture Credit: Psi Chi


_DSC0075 copy 2Sponsored by Savannah Education Center

Live feed will be available (TBA)

For more information contact

Dr. Shannon Farris

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Facebook a Class Tool

teachers and facebook


Please consider participating in this study on faculty perspectives of using Facebook as a teaching tool. You can participate if you have (or have never) had a class page. This study has already received IRB approval. We look forward to your feedback

Take the survey at: Tool

Picture Credit: Chat

MLK Day Events on Campus


Diagnosing a Zombie- Tim Verstynen and Bradley Voytek

25th Annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology


Please join us for the 25th Annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology (SETOP). Sponsored by the Kennesaw State University Department of Psychology and Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, the 25th Annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology is an opportunity for teachers of psychology to discuss and share experiences and techniques.

The conference offers concurrent sessions and invited addresses on teaching techniques and issues associated with undergraduate education. Time is also available for participants to get to know each other and establish contacts with fellow teachers throughout the Southeast.

Please join us in celebrating teaching excellence in psychology through sharing best practices, innovative ideas for enhancing student learning, and interacting with your colleagues in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

We have a new location this year! All conference sessions and lodging will be at Crowne Plaza Hotel – Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia.

Would you take this? A doctor’s experimentation with antipsychotics

In 1993 Richard Bentall, an expert on psychosis from the University of Bangor in Wales, voluntarily took an antipsychotic drug and at first thought he’d get through unscathed.
It wasn’t until someone asked him to fill in a form that he noticed some issues. Bentall explained that he “looked at this test and I couldn’t have filled it in to save my life. It would have been easier to climb Mt Everest.”

psych drugs

That was the least of his troubles. Bentall developed akathisia – unpleasant sensations of inner restlessness and an inability to sit still.  He also developed a feeling helplessness accompanied by depression. “They tried to persuade me to do these cognitive tests on the computer and I just started crying,” Bentall recalled.

tCOACH Session Reminder


tCOACH Session 

Anella Garness:

1/16 8PM – 9PM ET 

1/17 7PM – 8PM ET 

The following link will allow you to log into the session at the scheduled time: tCOACH 

We are here to help you!! 

We look forward to seeing you in a tCOACH session ~ Anella and Travis!!

Picture Credit: Joseph A. Cubria

One month since the Sandy Hook shootings.

It’s been one month since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and things are slowly changing.
The biggest concern after a tragedy like Sandy Hook is how do we as a country prevent such tragedies from happening again? While there is no quick fix solution to this mess, the different levels of government are pushing ahead with their own ideas.


Just today, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a package of tougher gun measures, not long after the state Assembly voted to bolster the state’s ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Included in these measures is a required universal background checks for all gun and ammunition sales, an increase in the state’s power to confiscate firearms from the mentally ill, increasing penalties for gun-related crime, and an immediate ban on semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols with a “military-style feature,” such as a flash suppressor or a bayonet mount.

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