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After Boston: How to Help Kids Make Sense of the Senseless

It is difficult for anyone to cope with horrible things happening to innocent people, but it is especially difficult for a child to handle. It is the responsibility of the parent to help guide a child through such horrendous acts of violence, but how should they go about doing that?

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      The age of the child is a major factor of how you should handle the situation. “If it’s a very young child, I would keep him away from TV sets, try to limit their access to the kind of news that I’ve been watching myself on TV,” said Dr. Alan Hilfer. If the child is older it is important to calm them, as well as make sure that they know the world is not perfect and sometimes scary things can happen. Dr. Yeuhda said “resist completely minimizing the anxiety, because we do live in a world where it is important to prepare ourselves and our children for adversity. But the idea that bad things happen but you can be safe is a more powerful message than ‘don’t worry, that can never happen,’ which is fictitious and doesn’t ultimately serve to calm down a child. You can’t go against the reality.” The best thing to let your child know is that even though there are a few wicked people in the world, the majority of people are good. This information does not just apply to the Boston Marathon Bombing; it can also help with other tragedies the children might have to face.

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Article by: J.J. Barbosa


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Career and Graduate School Information Session for Online Students



What is the GRE?

How do I ask for letters of recommendation?

Which field of psychology is right for me?

What can I do with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology?

College is an exciting time but as you complete your degree it is important to start thinking about future career possibilities and graduate school.  You are invited to attend a career and graduate school advising session for psychology majors on Tuesday April 16th at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  These advising session are offered at least once per 8 week term.   The purpose of the session is to provide students the opportunity to ask questions regarding careers in psychology as well as ask about the graduate school application process.  I will be sharing some resources with you that Saint Leo’s Career Services Office has available.  It will also be a time for you to interact with other online psychology majors.

The session will be held in my Eluminate Virtual Office at the following link:

In Eluminate, you may use a headset with microphone to communicate with me or you may use the chatroom feature.  I will provide more information regarding how to use Eluminate at the beginning of the advising session. 

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Dr. Z 


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Our Hearts Go Out to Boston.

All of us here at iNKBLOT are saddened by the events in Boston today.
You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Photo: delovelyArts on Etsy

Photo: delovelyArts on Etsy

For updates visit the Associated Press, NPR, or any other news organization.

Madeleine Albright: On being a woman and a diplomat


psy 339 collage

The Social Cultural class (PSY 339) wants to invite you to taste different dishes from different cultures, tomorrow Friday, April 12th from 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM (by Security). There is only one requirement: BRING YOUR APPETITE AND WEAR YOUR FAT PANTS!!!!!! See you there!!!

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Our Age of Anxiety



“Americans in the 19th century led all civilized nations in their susceptibility to nervous, anxious, and depressive disorders.”

‘Beard claimed that American nervousness “is the product of American civilization,” and that this “distinguished malady” was seen most often among the cultural elite and the “brain-workers.” ‘

“The physician Silas Weir Mitchell famously prescribed a “rest cure” for female neurasthenics…Neurasthenic men, however, were encouraged to steel their nerves and recover their masculine self-control through rugged exercise.”

Neurasthenia peaked in the early 1900s, according to the literary critic Tom Lutz’s fascinating cultural study, American Nervousness, 1903 (Cornell University Press, 1991). But a century later, we are in the midst of a new epidemic.

“-whatever you choose to call it, there is clearly a lot of it going around.” (more…)


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Psi Chi Career Talk. Monday 6pm in SAB 117

Wanna learn more about careers in psychology?  Have questions about graduate school and everything that happens after graduation? Then join Psi Chi at the University Campus this Monday, April 8th 6 pm in SAB 117 for a career talk with Dr. Kieffer, Dr. Bryan, and Dr. Zacchilli.



Bereavement Day

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