Webcasts for 1/16 & 1/17: (Basic) APA Writing & (Basic) How to Research Online & Understand Journal Articles. Register Today! Watch from your smart phone or tablet too!

2012_eCoach_Poster[2]Do you help locating good journal articles? Need help with APA writing format? Or, how to read, understand, and write a review of an article? Need some one-on-one tutoring with these subjects this week? ANSWER:  eCOACH Online Learning webcast series with follow-up tutoring from a tCOACH!

eCOACH Online Learning presents the following webcasts (click on the date to register):

January 16, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET “(Basic) APA Writing Format & Citations
Register no later than 8:00 a.m. ET, Thursday, January 16.

January 17, 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET (Basic) How to Research Online & Understand Journal Articles”
Register no later than NOON ET, Friday, January 17.

For Q&A and a complete list of webcasts and registration click HERE.  These webcasts will be facilitated by Dr. Shannon Farris, assistant psychology professor.

Participants attending the (Basic) APA Writing Format and Citations webcast will become familiar with:

  • APA writing style, format, citations, and other multimedia resources;
  • Other APA resources;
  • Learn how to navigate writing format effectively;
  • Receive the webcast’s PowerPoint presentation and resources (for attendees only); and,
  • Optional supportive hours with a tCOACH (for attendees only).

Participants attending the (Basic) How to Research Online & Understand Journal Articles  webcast will become familiar with:

  • Research and journal resources;
  • Learn how to navigate writing formats effectively;
  • Receive the webcast’s PowerPoint presentation and resources (for attendees only); and,
  • Optional supportive hours with a tCOACH (for attendees only).

These webcasts (see below) are part of eCOACH Online Learning, a program for ALL students, faculty, and staff of Saint Leo University! Due to the engaging “live” format, webcasts are not recorded. All webcasts will begin on the hour ET and last about one hour.

mobile-featureWant mobile access? Click here!

Webcasts for 2013-2014:

  • (Basic) How to Research Online & Understand Journal Articles
  • (Basic) Writing Skills & PowerPoint & Prezi Presentations
  • (Basic) APA Writing Format & Citations
  • (Basic) Using Turnitin & Other Online Resources
  • (Advanced) APA Writing
  • (Advanced) Writing Article Reviews
  • (Advanced) PowerPoint & Prezi Presentations
  • (Faculty) APA
  • (Faculty) Student Writing Article Reviews
  • (Faculty) Researching Online & Understanding Journal Articles
  • (Faculty) Turnitin Bytes
  • (Faculty) The Whole Kaboodle: Understanding Turnitin’s Originality Report

IMPORTANT: On the day of the webcast you’ll receive a confirmation email in your SLU calendar with the webcast’s link (URL). If you’re a first time participant, you’ll need to log onto this URL 30 minutes before webcasts begins to make sure that your computer has the necessary applications for this “live” format.

For a complete list of webcasts and registration visit www.saintleoinkblot.com and click on eCOACH Online Learning. If you need further assistance or have questions contact Dr. Shannon Farris, assistant psychology faculty, at (912) 352-8331 or shannon.farris@saintleo.edu.

Dr. Shannon FarrisFounder of eCOACH Online Learning

Thank you and I’ll “see” you soon! ~ Dr. Shannon Farris

What the Participants and Media are saying about eCOACH Online Learning:

I just wanted to thank you for a great webinar.  I was so impressed with your expertise and your ease in conducting the course (and you were so gracious to me, as well).  I look forward to the advanced Prezi course.  Gianna Russo, Instructor of English, University Campus.

I truly loved the presenter and presentation!  I thought I would walk away feeling overwhelmed because the amount of content that would be provided and because the presenter would just touch on each section not allowing for note taking…boy was I wrong!  The presenter did an amazing job of covering the content at an appropriate speed and provided just the right amount of information to keep you interested.  I also thought I would have an enormous amount of note taking to do, but I was wrong again.  All of the slides that were covered in the presentation was provided to us along with other content that was covered.  The content being supplied to us after the presentation allowed me to truly focus and listen to every word that was being said instead of trying to do some fast note taking (which is awesome because I do not know shorthand!). Staci Brooks, Junior, Psychology, Center for Online Learning.

One of the most convenient aspects of the eCOACHOnline Learning webinars is the fact that you can view the facilitator’s desktop and mirror some of their actions in a separate window outside of the eCOACHsession. It’s like having someone help you land an airplane! Terrance Ragland, graduate student the Masters of Instructional Design program, Center of Online Learning.

They are extremely helpful and especially great if you are an online student – thanks for all the useful information and backing up that knowledge with an email of the content to reinforce my experience. Jane Tyrrell, MBA Online Graduate Student.

I would recommend my students take the Turnitin webinar and visit the external website. Terron Carrington, Instructor of Criminal Justice, Gainesville Center.

The webinars are a very valuable, powerful and convenient learning tool! Fernando Lopez, Graduate, MBA Program, University Campus.

I recommend eCOACH for anyone who needs tips or ideas for writing papers or presentations.  Learning how to use the online resources has helped me tremendously.  I feel like I can write academic papers now in a breeze, and I have confidence that I did it correct.  I highly recommend theeCOACH webinars. Denise Houston, Sophomore, Undergrad, Business, Center for Online Learning.

An absolute MUST for gaining a greater confidence in how to research and understand journal articles/essays. Charles Jones, Graduate Theology, Chesapeake Campus, VA.

eCOACHOnline Learning was a simple, fun, interactive way for me to learn. The instructor was spot on and covered exactly the information I needed and expected. Kim Stagg, Graduate Student, Weekend MBA Program.

eCOACH is easy, intuitive and creates value to any program here at Saint Leo! Tommy Hess, Graduate, MBA Online.

I just want to tell you that eCOACHOnline Learning webinars are a great way to get specific information. Similar to doing research for papers…eCOACH should be cited! Michelle Strang, Freshman, Ft. Eustis Campus.

The online learing webinars include a wealth of information. The webinars I have attended so far have helped me tremendously in searching for information in the databases, and I now have a better understanding on how Turnitin actually works. The instructor presents the information very well, and the hour goes by very quickly. Kathy Brichacek, Sophomore, Savannah Center.

Dr. Farris is a wonderful presenter. He answers your questions and explains why the subject is beneficial to us as students. Turnitin training was very useful to me. It made me understand how it is used by instructions for grading. Lucy Swain, graduate student, Center for Online Learning.

Tell other students that if they would like to ensure that if they would like to earn the best possible grade and understanding, they should get as much training as possible with the resources that are offered. Participating in the webinars can only aid you and ensure that you have an understanding of what is out there for you. Lorraine Chamberlain, Junior, Health Care Management, Center for Online Learning.

So much about attending college involves MONEY.  This eCOACH is free.  Take advantage of it.  I’ve been away from school for a while, so I’m trying to get acclimated.  Every bit helps.  This is also assisting me in understanding what I know for sure and what I’m a not so comfortable with. Arthur Bryant, Sophomore, HR Management Major, South Atlanta Center.

eCOACHOnline Learning webinars is a fun interacting mini class that provides great information to help you succeed with confidence. Andrea Watson, North Charleston Center, Center for Online Learning.

The webinar was definitely worth my time to attend. I was given great resources and I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation, as it was interesting, creative, and the hour flew by. Not your normal webinar/seminar. Laura Wigglesworth, Senior, Center of Online Learning.

I really enjoyed the webinar training. It was a quick would recommend it. I learned the information I needed without the hassle of driving to the school. The presentation and PowerPoint were useful. I felt like I was sitting in class. Cheryl Maximo, MSW Online Graduate Program.

I really feel that the eCOACHOnline Learning webinars are very helpful because as an online student this is the exactly in class interaction that you sometimes need and it is from the comfort of your home. You can raise your hand and ask questions directly to the professor. I think it is an excellent option. Shantay Brown, Junior, Center for Online Learning.

eCOACHOnline Learning webinars should be required for all new students. They are a tool for ensuring academic success. Caronda Barnes, Freshman Marketing Major at Center for Online Learning.

Allow me to give you an A+ for your wonderful contribution not only to your students, but also to this adjunct (62 yr. old) religion prof who was/is anxiously approaching teaching/learning in the online environment. I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge, experience, and generosity.  You, Sir, are a gift to all you serve, including…Linda Taggart. You will see me again in your webinars. I have much to learn. God bless you. Linda S. Taggart, M.A., formerly a Trustee and currently a Religious Studies Adjunct Professor of Theology and Religion, Tampa Education Center.

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